A dream that came true 

We’ve dreamt for years of running our own small-scale, personalised guest house. In 2012, the municipality held a competition to find ideas for developing the former town hall in Kessel. We drew up plans with the help of our daughter, Kim, who is an architect and were chosen as the winners. What a proud day that was.


Marij’s background is in healthcare and the hospitality industry, while Theo’s is in marketing. Winning the competition gave us the opportunity to make our long-held dream a reality.


We spent almost three years having the whole place renovated and refurbished. It was a fantastic, inspiring journey and we are enormously satisfied with the end result. Are you curious about how it’s all turned out? Come and see for yourself.

Former town hall 

Het Raadhuys was originally Kessel’s town hall. It is right in the centre of the village on Markt in Kessel. It is a listed building, a typical example of a 19th-century two-storey building with a raised entrance approached by steps on either side.

The building was built in 1844 from a design by J.H.J. Dumoulin. You can see a beautiful impression of the original building in our hallway.


A British Lancaster bomber crashed near to the town hall in July 1944, causing severe damage to the building.

When the town hall was rebuilt in 1946 – according to plans drawn up by W.H.J. Ruijters – it was given is current appearance. The building has been renovated and refurbished several times since then.